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Preparing for surgery

This section helps you prepare for your operation and tells you what to expect while in hospital and after your operation.

You will normally be in hospital for between 2 and 7 days (1 day for a surgical biopsy). After you leave hospital, it is normally sensible to take a week or two off.

You can have surgery in a public or private hospital. Often you can get an operation more quickly in a private hospital.


  • Decide what you want to tell people about your operation
  • Arrange for time off work after your operation
  • Take one or two nice nightgowns with you - you will feel better after the operation
  • Ensure you have your Medicare card and private health insurance details.
  • Speak to your surgeon beforehand so you know when he will be visiting you
  • Ensure you follow instructions on fasting etc.
  • Take some good books and magazines, you might be waiting around for tests etc.

You may find our recovery action plan helpful after the operation.

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