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There are a number of ways in which you can help us make this site better and help women with breast cancer.

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You can also donate money in a different way and help your eCommerce business at the same time. If you host your website on Blanco y Negro, they will donate a portion of the hosting charge to this website. This will also allow you to display the pink ribbon on your website. To do this email host website

This site is supported by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All donations are made through their secure site. As a registered charity they will ensure your money is used wisely.

We have set out below the names and details of other people and organizations who have helped us this year:

For coming up with the idea:

Dr Paul Crea of St Vincent's Clinic

For assisting to set up the web site, developing the look and feel and "style", searching the web for information and finding more content.

Kelly John, Patricia Henry and Diane Bradley from Macquarie Bank
Ric Holland, Handen Yigit, Lyn Tune and Jonathan MacKay from IBM
Yenni Kusumo, Raeleen Wong, Samantha Fardoulis and Allen Yeung- all very talented young student web designers

For agreeing to host the site

Bronwyn O'Shea Blanco y Negro

For helping to get access to information, to set up the charity infrastructure and navigate the various cancer organisations as well as assisting in reviewing content

Sue Murray from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Lyn Swinburn from the National Breast Cancer Network, Sue Lockwood from Breast Cancer Action Group (Victoria) and Julie White from Macquarie Bank.

For assisting with the presentation

Pamela Gilbert from Future Fit, Irene O'Brien and Belinda Walker from Macquarie Bank.

For providing content, stories and moral support

Julie Phelan, Cyndi Kaplan, Lesley Goulburn, Essen Marshall, Caroline Bommer, Susan Duncan, Kit Bullivant

Nicola Matthews, Sherry Vereker, Amelia Floyd, Yvonne Hoy, Penny Byrne, Russell Taylor, Nigel Smyth and Jess Green from Macquarie Bank

For providing legal input and helping with the business plan

Cameron Paterson, Toby Roberts and Steve Swain from Macquarie Bank

Plus numerous other women whose stories you will see on the site.

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