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  • Advanced Breast Cancer
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Biopsy
  • Breast Conserving Treatment
  • Breast Self Examination
  • Children Dealing with Parent's Breast Cancer
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Diet and Breast Cancer
  • Familial Breast Cancer
  • Helping Parents and Partners
  • Lymphoedema
  • Palliative Care
  • Prostheses
  • Relaxation and Meditation

Advanced Breast Cancer



Advanced (Metastatic) Breast Cancer

Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer, Recurrences and Ways to Cope

Diagnosed With Metastatic or Recurrent Breast Cancer

Facts about Advanced Breast Cancer


Alternative Medicine



National Cancer Institute - Alternative/Complementary Medicine

Cancer Links: Alternative and Complementary Cancer Care

Questions and Answers About Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer: Alternative Medicine and an Upbeat Attitude - A Survivor Describes Her Experience as Both a Patient and a Caregiver


Other Ways to Manage Pain - Treating cancer pain often requires a variety of approaches. There are many non-drug techniques that you can do for yourself that can help you stay more in control of your pain. This article is a practical how-to for many of these therapies.





Diagnosing and Staging Breast Cancer - Biopsy Basics

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy


Breast Conserving Treatment



Treatment - Breast-conserving surgery; lumpectomy

Mastectomy, Partial Mastectomy, Lumpectomy (Breast Conserving Surgery)

Treatment of Breast Cancer - Lumpectomy


Breast Self Examination



How to Perform a Breast Self Examination

Breast Self Examination: Take charge and put your breast health in your own hands!

Breast Self Examination: How to care for your Breasts

Breast Self-Exam (BSE): Why, When and How


Children Dealing with Parent's Breast Cancer



Telling children you've got cancer

When someone in your family has cancer

How, When & What to Tell the Children

KIDSCOPE is an organization which has been formed to help families and children better understand the effects of cancer and chemotherapy in a parent

Help for children's reaction to your breast cancer


Dealing with Depression



Depression and Breast Cancer

Depression and Breast Cancer: How Psychologists Can Make a Difference

Breast Cancer and Your Mental Health

Breast Cancer and Depression - Artemis Feature Article

Breast Cancer Patients Face Increased Depression

Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Patients

Psychological Effects During and After Treatment

Psychosocial impact of breast cancer: a summary of the literature 1986-1996


Diet and Breast Cancer



National Breast Centre Centre - Diet and Breast Cancer

Living with Breast Cancer - Diet and Fitness: Women who are surviving breast cancer provide their answers; tips on food and fitness during treatment- hope, laughter & delicious dishes.

Basic Healthy Eating (BHE) illustrates the major food groups and their daily servings requirements.

Practical Tips for People with Cancer Who Are Experiencing Nausea or Have Lost Their Appetite

Diet and Breast Cancer: The Prevention Connection


Familial Breast Cancer



Familial Cancer Syndromes a Focus of Cancer Genetics Research

Advice about familial aspects of Breast Cancer


Helping Parents and Partners



A Guide for Daughters Whose Mothers have Advanced Breast Cancer

For partners - talking to your spouse





Lymphoedema After Breast Cancer Surgery

What is Lymphoedema?


Palliative Care



Palliative Care Council of South Australia - Palliative Care resource and information service

The Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care - What is palliative care?





Breast Prostheses and Post-Mastectomy Products

Breast Prostheses - this web page is for those who would like more information on breast prostheses. It describes what a prosthesis is, the different types available, and how to choose and look after a prosthesis.


Relaxation and Meditation



Meditation Society of America's web site - Dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts.

Cancer and Complementary Medicines - Introduction

Ask Dr Weil Database - Relaxation


Sentinel Node Test



Sentinel Node Biopsy

New Technique Eases Trauma of Lymph Node Removal

Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping Proven Effective in Predicting Spread of Breast Cancer

Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection: A More Gentle and Strategic Approach


Stages and Grades of Breast Cancer



Diagnosing and Staging Breast Cancer - What are the types of Breast Cancer

National Cancer Institute - Breast Cancer Stage Explanation

CancerNet - Stages of Breast Cancer

Oncology Channel - Breast Cancer Staging