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Diet and Breast Cancer
National Breast Centre Centre - Diet and Breast Cancer
Living with Breast Cancer - Diet and Fitness: Women who are surviving breast cancer provide their answers; tips on food and fitness during treatment- hope, laughter & delicious dishes.
Basic Healthy Eating (BHE) illustrates the major food groups and their daily servings requirements.
Practical Tips for People with Cancer Who Are Experiencing Nausea or Have Lost Their Appetite
Diet and Breast Cancer: The Prevention Connection
Sports and fitness - getting started after surgery
The importance of diet and fitness as part of your breast cancer treatment regimen
Getting started with basic stretches
Fighting cancer with exercise : one woman's story
Regular Exercise Improves Fitness of Women with Breast Cancer
Relaxation and Meditation
Meditation Society of America's web site - Dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts.
Relaxation Techniques
Cancer and Complementary Medicines - Introduction
Alternative Medicine
National Cancer Institute - Alternative/Complementary Medicine
Cancer Links: Alternative and Complementary Cancer Care
Questions and Answers About Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Treatment
Breast Cancer: Alternative Medicine and an Upbeat Attitude - A Survivor Describes Her Experience as Both a Patient and a Caregiver
Other Ways to Manage Pain - Treating cancer pain often requires a variety of approaches. There are many non-drug techniques that you can do for yourself that can help you stay more in control of your pain. This article is a practical how-to for many of these therapies.


Title Author ISBN Topics
The Breast Health Cookbook: Fast and Simple Recipes to Reduce the Risk of Cancer Bob Arnot, Rita Mitchell (Contributor), Barbara Sutherland (Contributor) 316051330
cancer-preventative foods, Health, Mind & Body > Nutrition > Cancer Prevention
The Breast Cancer Companion by Kathy Latour 380719967

The Most Complete And Essential Sourcebook Available For Breast Cancer Patients And The People Who Love Them

  • Choosing a Doctor
  •   Diagnostic Procedures 
  •  Chemotherapy and Radiation 
  •  Nutrition and Exercise 
  •  Support Groups Insurance
  •  Prosthetics 
  •  Living As a Survivor 
  •  Sex and Pregnancy 
  •  Job-related Issue...
The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet: The Powerful Foods, Supplements and Drugs That Combat Breast Cancer Bob Arnot
0733612016 A guide to using nutrition as a weapon to fight breast cancer
Tell Me What to Eat to Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Nutrition You Can Live with Elaine Magee
The Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery Diet: A Survivor's Guide Suzannah Olivier
0140283951 sourcebook for all women diagnosed with breast cancer who want to help themselves recover and thrive by using nutrition as a key tool
Breast Cancer: Can You Prevent It? James Lawson, Amelia Lawson 007470723X  
Wise Women: Breast Cancer, Breast Health Susan Weed
The Breast Cancer Prevention Program Samuel S Epstein, David Steinman, Suzanne Levert
0025361929 Outlines risk factors for breast cancer and describes how to avoid them, including advice on diet, breast self-exams, and reducing cancer-causing chemicals in work and living environments

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