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Lifestyle and breast cancer

Professor Graeme Giles has been funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to study a group of 24,500 women and determine the impact of lifestyle factors and breast cancer risk.

Professor Giles wants to find out to what extent it is possible to prevent breast cancer by altering diet and other aspects of lifestyle, either via changes to breast density or by directly affecting cancer progression.

Despite decades of research, the preventable causes of breast cancer remain elusive. This prospective research project has been designed deliberately to increase the power to examine lifestyle factors, such as diet, by selecting women from cultural groups that differ not only in lifestyle but also in risk of breast cancer.

The most important outcomes of this work will be:

  • the identification of lifestyle factors that are associated with the risk of developing breast cancer so as to be able to develop preventable strategies to alter the rate of progression
  • the findings from this study will provide Australian women with local information on the causes of breast cancer that they can use to attempt to alter their risk.

We are building on to this research program further studies of hormones and growth factors and common variations in genes involved in making and unmaking these molecules.


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