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Radiotherapist/Radiographer A medical expert in radiotherapy
Radiotherapy The use of radiation (targeted and very strong x-rays) to target and
kill cancer cells
Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure (RAGE) A group calling for government compensation on behalf of women who have suffered severe nerve damage as a result of radiotherapy treatments
Reconstruction Cosmetic operation to reconstitute a normal breast shape, which can be carried out at the time of removal of the breast tissue, or later
Screening Mammogram A regal breast X-ray examination to see if a woman with no symptoms has any lumps
Secondaries Cancers which have spread into the rest of the body from cells travelling from the primary, or original, tumour
Segmentectomy (Wedge) The removal of the segment of the breast containing cancer
Staging A way of assessing the extent of disease when breast cancer is diagnosed. Factors taken into account are size of tumour, involvement with lymph nodes (glands), and presence of any metastases. Treatment options can then be assessed and an indication given as to the outlook
Subcutaneous Mastectomy An operation where the breast is removed from beneath the skin and implant inserted, leaving the nipple and areola intact
Tamoxifen A synthetic hormonal drug used in cancer treatment and prevention
Tumour A growth of new tissue, or a 'lump', which grows independently and
has no useful function in the body; this may be non-cancerous
(benign) or cancerous (malignant)

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