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What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a scanner which looks like a microphone and is attached to a PC. You may have had an ultrasound if you have been pregnant.

Key points

  • Remember to take your mammogram "photos" with you
  • An ultrasound is safe and painless
  • In most cases it will confirm the lump is harmless (a cyst)
  • Even where a tumour appears, it is quite likely to be benign

What will happen?

You will be asked to strip to the waist and lie on a bed
The technician will put gel on your breast and move the scanner slowly around it, focussing on the area where the lump was identified. This can take some time depending on how easy or otherwise it is to identify the lump.

What happens afterwards?

The results may be sent to your referring doctor (What do my tests mean?). You may be told:

  • There is no issue
  • You have a cyst and will need a fine needle aspiration
  • There appears to be a tumour and you will need a biopsy
You should still follow up with your doctor
Learn more about
  • Biopsy
  • Cyst, Fibrodoenomas and "Lumpy" breasts
  • What do my tests mean?

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