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Awareness and risk factors


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Risk Factors
Information on Risk Factors- National Breast Cancer Centre
Imperial Cancer Research Fund - Breast Cancer
INFO Breast Cancer - designed to guide and assist your Internet search for information
The Breast Cancer Book - support for people dealing with Breast Cancer, and for families and friends - your online destination for breast cancer information at any age - a clearinghouse for information on the detection and treatment of breast cancer
NABCO - National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organisations
Breast Cancer in Australian Women 1982-1996
BreastScreen Australia Achievement Report 1997 and 1998
Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Australia 1996-1997
Breast Cancer Survival in Australian Women 1982-1994

Books and articles

Title Author ISBN Topics
Dr Susan Love's Breast Book Susan M Love et al  

Considered the 'bible' of breast-care books. New biopsy and screening methods, implants, pros and cons of hormone therapy, caring for your breasts.

Victoria's Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming : And Other Lessons I Learned from Breast Cancer
by Jennie Nash 0743219791 Nash shares every step of her experience with breast cancer, from the first mammogram. Equally meaningful to survivors and their friends and families.

You can use the links in this section to look at these or to get copies sent to you.

Risk factors

Guidelines and recommendations

  • Advice about familial aspects of breast cancer and ovarian cancer: a guide for health professionals (card)

Reports, research and data reviews

  • Psychosocial factors and the risk of developing breast cancer (review)
  • Some public health issues in the current state of genetic testing for breast cancer in Australia
  • Summary of risk factors for breast cancer

Information for consumers

  • Breast cancer and family history: what you need to know (booklet)
  • Information for women considering preventive mastectomy because of a strong family history of cancer. NB This booklet is intended for use primarily by breast surgeons, breast specialists, oncologists, family cancer clinics and genetic counselling services.
  • WEBSITE ONLY Best advise on familial aspects of breast cancer: a guide for general practitioners. Phase 2: Evaluation
  • WEBSITE ONLY Diet and breast cancer (review)
  • WEBSITE ONLY Current best advice about familial aspects of breast cancer: a guide for general practitioners (card)
  • WEBSITE ONLY Evaluation of best advice on familial aspects of breast cancer for general practitioners

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